The Truth Behind The Tim Noakes Diet

So you’ve heard about the Tim Noakes Diet?

The Noakes diet is a very “new” diet that is taking the world by storm. It proposes the age old tenants of eating a hight fat, low carbohydrate diet, and ensuring that no sugar is ever eaten.

In reality, can you stick to a diet such as this? Does it pose too many threats to the body and the wallet?

Not really, and here is why.

The Noakes Diet is easy to learn and understand, and promises that even when you are living from paycheck to paycheck that you will make delicious, satisfactory foods which will get you healthy in no time. There is no need to watch how much you eat, how many calories you consume and how much your food weighs.

The Noakes diet

The truth is, any diet that removes the inflammatory foods we are so used to eating will get you great health improvements. It’s important to really focus on only eating foods which are high in nutrients. Remove gluten containing foods such as grains and make sure you don’t eat many foods which are full of acids that can hurt weight loss efforts.

We recommend that if you are interested in eating according to a high fat diet that you go ahead and try it out. There is little to no risk associated with eating this way, and you will more than likely strip fat, cut out injuries and stop getting sick faster than you imagine.

Tim Noakes is a great man, scientist and visionary who is looking out for the health of everyone on Earth. He lives in South Africa, and works out of the University of Cape Town’s science department. He specialises in sports nutrition, but is now heavily involved with re-educating the world about how to eat for optimum health.

Health is easy, you must choose to make it part of your life though, so it’s really up to you.




low carbohydrate diet plan

The best way to combat the particular difficulties associated with gram calorie observing although eating is to consume low carbohydrate diet foods. Smart jobs are a lot better than efforts so don’t eat something that is set with taste marijuana tickling power in conjunction with fat multiplication versions.

Eliminating the Carbo Satanic force

A single. What on earth is the diet plan?

The body wants carbohydrates therefore you shouldn’t be ridiculous adequate for you to erase carbs out of your diet plan. Only keep your diet program gives you merely the necessary volume. Low carb eating habits foodstuff rules your own carbo usage like a quite mindful health care worker. Should you require a thinner midsection take lower starch fruit and vegetables and lower bodyweight.

Two. Foods that are low on carbohydrate

You do not have to gulp lower foods the mouth area instantly rejects. Low carbohydrate diet meals indicates a myriad of various meats minus the liver, seafish, eggs, regulated numbers of mozzarella dairy product along with body fat just like butter, mayo, ointment and margarine might be incorporated with out a get worried to be able to minimize bodyweight. Exactly what need to worry you’re starchy vegetables, bright flour, sugar and also glycemic fresh fruits. Eat all of this and you also don’t have to ogle at people lanky set of skinny jeans.

3. Precisely how in the event you go about it?

Split up your diet routine within foods distributed through the day. It will help you to definitely get over the nine sin associated with overeat eating. Breakfast every day is very important our dears, you’ll have cereals, juice, muffins, two slices involving bread or ova or just re also — heat last nights left over spots. For lunch you might get through salads and beef. For mid — evening hunger, have walnuts. For the treat have pleasure in a new muffin along with coffee. Possess a feather bodyweight dinner being near feather weight. Try a dish associated with lasagna reducing unwanted weight.

You get extra fat largely when you consume whenever your physique doesn’t have foodstuff. Consume low carbohydrate eating habits food within tiny bits through the morning to the fantastic determine.

If you wish to lose weight quickly and easy, yet not pursuing the very same boring ideas such as follow a nutritious diet and many others… I have a number of free of charge assistance for you personally.

low carbohydrate diet plan

Mark Sisson low carbohydrate diet


Great Paleo Diet Cookbooks and Recipebooks

Finding a great paleo cookbook

Recipe books are great for cooks and those people who aren’t great at cooking and want to learn how to prepare delicious foods which will wow your friends and family time and time again. If you want some good ideas for making delicious, easy to put together foods which don’t break the bank then you need to get some recipe books which are focused and use minimal ingredients.

Some books contain recipes which are merely regurgitations of those found online and aren’t very imaginative in anyway. If you consider that paleo is a great way of cooking with minimal ingredients making up the bulk of the food you are eating, you will always have delicious meals to make. Cooking is about finding the happy mediums between spice and cooking and good recipe books will work really well because it’s important to build fundamental knowledge of which flavours work better than others and with which foods.

When shopping for cookbooks you should look at selecting those mentioned on top 10 lists for example if you search for something like “awesome paleo recipe books” then you should have some good results show up in Google from fans of the paleo diet.

paleo recipe book

If you want to jump straight in and get one of the best paleo focused, high fat, low carbohydrate cookbooks available now then you should definitely Google the likes of Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson and Tim Noakes. All of these authors have cook books which contain great recipes which promise solid nutrition as well as a good idea of how much money you will need to spend on buying ingredients. You need to get yourself a few cookbooks to really know what you like so that you can make proper decisions on which meals you like and don’t end up making meals which waste ingredients all the while ending up with meals that aren’t good to eat. After all, what’s the point of learning how to cook well if you aren’t going to be eating well?

Best paleo diet recipe books right now

Currently the most influential paleo recipe book out there is probably Tim Noakes’s The Real Meal Revolution as it contains great recipes and rides on cutting edge science knowledge backed by years of evidence and proof that LCHF diets are the way forward.

Take some time and read through the links mentioned in this post and get some great meals on the table as soon as tonight! :)


How A Tummy Tuck Works

What is a tummy tuck? 

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a method of removing excess skin from the belly after something like pregnancy or weight loss. Tummy tucks can be paired with additional surgeries to make the effects of the operation more dramatic. This includes dramatic fat loss efforts such as liposuction and can mean the difference between being overweight forever or not.

It’s important to understand exactly what’s involved when undergoing this surgery. Generally it involves lots of recovery time because of the invasive nature of the procedure. This includes limiting movement and trying to keep the possibility of splitting stitches to a minimum. Of course, this is the same as almost all operations which require stitches, but at the end of the day a large part of your skin is being removed.


It should be noted that there are much better options to losing weight than going immediately for surgery. As the saying goes, surgery should always be avoided. However, sometimes that simply is not possible. Cosmetic surgery sometimes has more to with health than some may imagine. It is important to be healthy and encourage your body to live how it is meant to. There are no operations that will make you instantly healthy, but there are operations that can make you feel better instantly. There are things to consider though like scarring and cost as a tummy tuck operation is certainly not cheap. If you are considering an abdominoplasty and are based in South Africa, take a look at this site to get in contact with some of the best surgeons for a tummy tuck in Johannesburg.


Laser Hair Removal: What’s It All About?

Laser hair removal, the info you’ve been looking for!

Laser hair removal is slightly different to normal hair removal such as shaving and waxing in that its core purpose is to attempt to kill the actual hair follicle that makes the hair itself.

This is effective long term and is for the most part, pain free. This means that while you are getting laser hair removal treatment, there isn’t as much pain as other methods which use more mechanical means to remove unwanted hair.

How does pain free laser hair removal work?

Pain free laser hair removal works by using a lower power laser that fires into your skin at a lower rate per second. This method works because it slowly increases the temperature of the hair follicle until it is basically cooked and destroyed.

This differs from more conventional methods where a high power laser is burst in fast rates per second that shock follicles to kill them. pain-free-laser-hair-removal

How long does laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal lasts a few months to a year, depending on your specific genetic make up. Unfortunately, laser hair removal isn’t as permanent as some people say it is. If you are looking for a permanent method of hair removal, laser is as close as you will get, but you need to make sure that you have follow up sessions to guarantee that the hair follicles stay unproductive.

Something that also needs to be taken into account is to make sure that you get laser sessions for each stage of hair production. Because not all of your hairs are in the same stage of development, you will need to kill the follicles in stages to get proper, stable and predictable results.

In between sessions to maintain an odd hair here or there, you can shave or wax as you like, but it is important to make sure that you are getting laser hair treatments where ever possible as wax and shaving are not permanent. Wax removes the hair from the follicle and shaving cuts the hair at skin level. Both leave the follicle in tact and will ultimately allow the hair to grow back, sometimes worse than before you started shaving.

As far as where you can use laser hair removal, the most effective places are the underarms, groin and anywhere where soft tissue is plentiful. It is important to manage your expectations as to how much hair is going to be removed on a per-session basis.


Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Diet Plan To Lose Weight

If you are serious about losing weight then you should definitely get yourself set up on a diet plan that will help you shed those extra pounds easily.

A diet plan to lose weight doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be simple and thorough enough to keep you motivated and excited about your food. There is no need for a complicated set of rules which govern how much you eat, what you eat (within reason) as well as what sorts of calorie’s these foods contain.

What is important, is that the diet plan works for you and makes you happy, while still producing results. If you really want to lose weight effectively and automatically, then you should focus on getting yourself on an eating plan which has a low carbohydrate intake focus. Carbohydrates are your enemy when it comes to fat gain, and no matter what they should be removed from your diet if you are serious about losing weight.

On another note, keeping your fat intake high is of the utmost importance. Healthy fats are essential for normal body function, and a diet without them will almost certainly result in a person developing hormonal and nutrient deficiencies. It is very important that a person gets enough Omega 3 fatty acids from their diet to ensure that certain vital bodily functions operate normally and effectively.

To ensure that a person follows a diet plan prescribed to them, the plan should enable them to eat certain foods which are both delicious and nutritious. Foods like potatoes, breads, rice, pasta and beans should be excluded from the plan as they promote instability in the body. This instability is generally caused by a level of chronic inflammation which can occur over time in the intestines. This inflammation is what contributes to diseases such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome. These can be totally beaten through diet.


Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet

Why losing weight on the paleo diet is healthy, easy and safe

Weight loss is regarded by many as something that is a necessary evil. It is thought of something that has to be done in order to be healthy, fit into society or perhaps it is required for various medical conditions.

While these points each hold their own level of validity in the modern world, the actual act of losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult or thought of as something that a person has to do. 

Weight loss, or rather, the burning of fat for the purpose of losing body weight (at least that’s how it’s going to be defined in this article), is a natural process that the body knows how to do. It simply needs to be given the right tools (foods) and instructions (stimulus) so that it knows when and how to drop those pounds.


You see, human beings by genetic design are not meant to carry extra weight around. From a survival perspective, we aren’t meant to have to worry about what our body’s look like, only that they are able to do what we need them to do.

We need to be able to run occasionally  lift heavy things occasionally and be able to live long enough to ensure the survival of our off-spring. All of these factors are involved in the process of losing weight. How?

Well, they are all things our body knows how to do. It knows how to sprint fast, it knows how to lift heavy things and it is in its best interest to live a long time. It wants to live a long time, without disease, weakness and difficulty.

Learn how losing weight on the paleo diet is a safe, natural way of losing weight, and let your body do what it knows how to do today, for free. If you are interested in learning more information, I’d suggest researching just how effective a Tim Noakes style diet can be… Google is your friend!

If you are looking for some great tips for following the Paleo diet, check out these great ones!


Paleo Weight Loss

What is the paleo diet? 

The paleo diet is a way of eating which aims to reduce the amount of low nutrient foods in your diet as well as foods which are not good for the body. The idea (and science) states that the less bad food you eat and the more good food you eat, the faster the body will achieve homeostasis.

How does paleo promote weight loss?

Paleo promotes weight loss by encouraging the body to burn it’s own fat reserves as a primary fuel source. Achieving this state guarantees the loss of weight. As long as person is constantly maintaining this state of automatic fat loss, fat gain will never be a problem. (More on how this happens in a second)

Paleo weight loss occurs as a natural result of aligning your food choices with how your body was built to use said food. We weren’t meant to eat grains, lots of carbohydrates or processed and sugary foods.


We evolved to eat clean, naturally occurring, non processed foods that are rich in nutrients and easy to for the body to process. With the advancements in the way that foods are produced resulting in the ultimate decrease in food quality, we have strayed from our bodies needs.

To ensure that the body uses fat and ultimately turns into a lean, mean fat burning, weight loss machine that runs on autopilot you need to learn some skills. These skills will empower you to make the right choices when it comes to food choices, meal creation and will help you teach others after you have achieve paleo weight loss success.

To learn what you need to know, why not enlist the help of a paleo diet guide?

Take control of your weight and your health, learn what it takes to really look after your body’s health…